All My Budget Columns


Some of you asked me to post all my budget columns at one place. So here we go. I think of all the pieces I wrote, the first one was by far the best though four other pieces went viral and this one didn’t.

Jaitley’s Fiscal Deficit Numbers Don’t Add Up — Equitymaster, March 1, 2016

Mr Jaitley, You Just Made Every Honest Tax Payer Feel Like An Idiot  — Huffington Post India, February 29, 2016 (This was by far the most read piece, with close to 15,000 Facebook likes)

Modi Government Wants To Tax Your Provident Fund And That’s Bad News — Huffington Post India, February 29, 2016 (This piece caused the most confusion thanks to all the comments made by the bureaucrats and politicians. But what I wrote first was largely correct).

Why Narendra Modi’s budget looks strangely similar —, February 29, 2016

Budget 2016: Mr Jaitley, pro-rural steps are all fine but when will we tax rich farmers? — Firstpost, February 29, 2016

Mr Jaitley, Until When Will Govt Continue To Support Public Sector Banks? — SwarajyaMag, February 29, 2016

Pulse of the Matter — The Asian Age/Deccan Chronice — March 2, 2016

Why Budget Did Not Raise Income Tax Ceiling To Rs 5 Lakh Despite Jaitley’s Past Advocacy — Huffington Post India — March 1, 2016

Budget 2016: Does the extra deduction of Rs 50,000 for home-buyers really help? — Firstpost, March 1, 2016

Modi govt is still paying for the over-borrowing sins of UPA

Mr Modi, where has minimum govt gone?


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